How To Optimizing Your Landing Page


One of the most important features of a website is the landing page. It is the page your visitors come to via search engines. The visitor may decide to browse through other pages after he is impressed with this page that he has first set his step on. This page is a part of your website and it is not like those pages created exclusively for paid click advertisements. Sometimes, this might be one of those pages of your site that you have never paid much attention to and this might be the page that gets you the maximum traffic. You will need to pay attention to optimizing this page in order to get better conversion rate.

Know More About Optimizing Your Landing page

What is conversion rate optimisation 


The first step towards optimising your landing page is to make a trustworthy page. You can use an eye-catching headline to attract visitors first, then use an image that conveys what the headline is trying to say. It is not enough to have an attention-grabbing headline but your page content should be able to be in sync with the headline. Your aim is to win the trust of your visitors, so try not to fool them with inadequate or tricky content. You should also have your Call to Action icons such as ‘Subscribe Now’, ‘Pay Now’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Download Now’ in the landing page. You can also have testimonials and other such features on the page which can add to the trust of the visitors. If you are providing a service, you can have other blogs and companies on your site.

This is a very effective manner to enhance the trust of the visitors. The more they trust your content, more will be their trust in the products and services you are offering. Thus, optimising your landing page is a great way to increase sales through your website.

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